About Us


It is an Austrian based company involved in the supply of Food and beverages supply as well as confectionery products.

The company’s ethos is to provide high quality products wholesale supply from reliable suppliers to customers who are involved in further processing, manufacturing, packing and distribution. It is our aim to keep our customers apprised about the markets so that they are able to take informed decisions on covering their requirements.

We offer competitive solutions to product sourcing by offering products at market prices. We offer full container loads directly from our Principals to our customers. For customers who would like to have smaller quantities spaced out over a period of time, we hold stocks in Germany, Austria, netherlands etc which can be called off based on the spot price of the day or contracted for future deliveries.

We also value end users contacting us with specific enquiries or requiring solutions to issues like sourcing of specific products, packaging or even processing equipment.

We like to work with our customers on a long term relationship and further provide guidance on product quality, suitability and market information. We are capabel of delivering full container worldwide directly to our customers. We can meet customers' requirements for pallet quantities (EU block pallet) or full container load deliveries. Our company is registered inAUSTRIA. We have product liability insurance and are members of the Federation of Wholesale Businesses . Our Products are of

Confectionary (chocolate and chewing gum).
Beverages (soft drinks,energy drinks)
Fresh and frozen products of Cow meat,chicken,pork,Fresh and Frozen Beef,Halal and Bio certification etc.
Seeds products of Sesame,Sudanese Peanuts,Watermelon
Wholesale canned foods
Different types of Energy Drinks, e.g Red Bull Energy Drinks
Alcoholic drinks of Red Heineken bottles and cans
Sweets wholesale