100% Natural Black Oak Hard Wood Charcoal

Our company is supplying and exporting Hard Wood Charcoal. This charcoal is used as immaculate carbon called singe that is made by cooking wood in a low oxygen condition which is a procedure that can take days and consumes off unpredictable mixes for example water, methane, hydrogen and tar. The offered range is used in vast cement or steel storehouses with almost no oxygen and stops before everything swings to cinder. The procedure leaves dark bumps and powder, for around 25% of the first weight. Whenever lighted, the carbon in charcoal joins with oxygen and structures carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, different gasses, and noteworthy amounts of vitality. It packs more potential vitality per ounce than crude wood. Also, the way toward making Hard Wood Charcoal is antiquated, with archeological confirmation of charcoal creation backpedaling for years now


Hard wood
100% Natural Black Oak Hard Wood


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